Photography: Antoinette Ale

What I wore:
Jumper – NICCE
Skirt – Topshop
Bag – New Look
Trainers – FILA

Sorry guys I know you’ve seen this caption a billion times but I HAD to, the word play with the brand name was too perfect and no it’s not a typo lol. So NICCE reached out to me (my first ever brand collab *screams with excitement*) and sent me this cosyyyy jumper from their latest collection, so I decided to put a cute, casual look together. If you don’t already know, NICCE is a casual-wear/streetwear brand that sells simple, clean cut designs for both women and men. I discovered this brand sometime last year and I’ve been meaning to buy some so this was a perfect opportunity! As I love combining sporty and tomboy pieces with a bit of a “girly” vibe, I paired the oversized jumper with a patent skirt, which I bought years ago from a Topshop outlet, and a shiny mini side bag. And ofcourse, I’m wearing my super comfy FILA trainers which I can’t get enough of. Here’s a link to the NICCE black hoodie womens page if you want to check out their stuff. Their products are such great quality and very affordable for what you’re getting so I definitely recommend having a pree.

*sidenote* Ladies, do you feel this Drake song on a spiritual level because I can’t be the only one? I’ve had enough of living in a “man’s world” and all the patriarchy bull$h*t we have to deal with on a daily basis but I’m also excited about the shift in the dynamics between men and women in society right now. Women are amazing human beings and I feel we are beginning to gain more of a voice across all sectors and in society in general. Girl power all the way. there are loads of reviews and music blogs which break down the lyrics to Drake’s song which I found interesting. Also, I low-key high-key feel like it also relates to curving guys who are overly persistent. Take the L and keep it moving sha; no more mrs nice girl, hypothetically speaking ofcourse xoxo

Anyway, as the London weather continues to fluctuate between B’baydus and thunderstorms, I’ll be staying cosy in women’s hoodies and light jumpers. Someone wake me up when the sun comes out, 10Q.



  1. Funmi · May 31, 2018

    Loveee this look! Forever killing it😩


    • Rosette Ale · May 31, 2018

      Thank you babes 😭😭❤️❤️


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