If you know me, you know I love a two piece/co-ord set. I’ve come to realise that I’m very much obsessed with them; they just make so much sense. You don’t necessarily need to “complete” the look with anything cos it’s already complete, right?! Also, there’s nothing I love more than a print two piece especially if it can be both dressed up with heels or down with trainers. I found this skirt suit in a charity shop in Shepherds Bush (when I used to live in West London) and it had been sitting in my wardrobe for ages as I had planned to customise it but never got round to it until now yayy. I always forget to take before and after pics but it used to be a longline blazer and a maxi skirt which I then cropped to create this look. Super easy and I didn’t even sew the hemline as I liked the frayed look. So you don’t need to be an expert, you just need some good ‘ol fabric scissors and a steady hand 😉 This is definitely one that I’ll style casually as well with some chunky trainers and a cute tee.

When I go shopping in charity shops I’m usually looking beyond what I can see and thinking more about the potential of a garment rather than it’s current form cos more time it doesn’t look extraordinary to begin with (or I just get excited and think of how I can jazz it up even more). This is a great tip for thrifting and if you enjoy a bit of DIY then even better. I’ve actually been thinking about putting a little “thrift bible” together cos I always get asked about charity shop shopping/thrifting and how i navigate the thrift world lol so I’m going to try my best to make it happen and release that this year. I guess sometimes you just do things not realising that you’ve actually harnessed a skill so yeah this year, we move. Errbody can be a thrifty queen/king, let’s geddit.

Side note: I feel like one segzy lecturer in this look, like I’m about to hold some kind of cool seminar. Anyway, it was fun putting this fit together and if you spot a cool two piece in a charity shop, grab it cos they are rare (or buy it for your favourite fashion blogger, aka me, as a gift)!

Photography: Belita Marfo (@biggiesnaps)

What I wore:
Turtleneck jumper – Dorothy Perkins
Two-piece suit – Charity shop
Thigh high boots – Public Desire
Necklace – Pretty Little Thing
Bag – Primark

What is your top tip for thrifting/shopping in vintage markets/charity shops etc? Comment below and let me know!

Have a blessed and productive week, see you in my next one.


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