I don’t know if you guys can tell but I’m a tomboy at heart lol especially during winter when I just want to be COZY AF. As soon as the temperature drops, I go into comfy mode and tend to wear functional pieces rather than showy bits. Thick socks, jumpers, hoodies, the full works and usually something oversized as well. I remember being bullied in school/college for wearing “boy-ish”, baggy clothes and it used to upset me but at this point in my life I don’t give a flying donkey what anyone thinks of me and my style. Plus I can switch it up whenever wherever and that’s what I really enjoy about fashion – showcasing a different element of yourself everyday. Slightly androgynous styling has a special place in my heart and I love preeing the men’s section!

So this is my take on a colourful, cute and comfy winter look. I’m a summer baby and I love bright hues so I thought I’d break the Autumn/Winter norms and style something bright. This blue puffa is my favourite coat yet, it’s super warm and bright (ofcourse) so was a great addition to my wardrobe. I got it for £4 (YES £4!!!) from a shop called Traid (Camden Town branch) when they had one of their spontaneous sales in which everything was between £1-5! On a normal day their prices are a bit cheeky so keep your eyes peeled for the discounts. Traid is a charity focused on reducing clothing waste and encouraging clothing re-use so not only do they have some amazing, unique pieces, but they also do amazing work within the textile industry. Check them out here. Everything else was thrifted so cheap as chips as well and then a cute Zara backpack to complete the look.

Photography: Stephanie Okereafor

What I wore:
T-shirt – Thrifted
Trousers – Thrifted
Jacket – Thrifted
Trainers – Nike AF1
Backpack – Zara
Glasses – Primark
Earrings – Primark

Check out the alternatives below to get this look and let me know what you think!



Photography: Stephanie Okereafor

What I wore:
Top – Dorothy Perkins
Trousers – H&M
Coat – Dorothy Perkins
Trainers – Nike AF1
Bag – New Look

Happy New Year guys and girlies! Yes, I know we’re nearly at the end of Jan but it’s my first blog post of the year so yeah 🙂 Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a magical New Year and started 2018 off with good vibes and good company. I’ve been back at work for less than two weeks after an amazing holiday in Ghana and I’m already planning my next trip haa. This look was inspired by my African mum and her strong desire for everyone to wear white on Christmas Eve/New Years (if you know you know lol). I wanted to start the new year shining shining so I thought why not throw some creams and white hues together. Believe it or not, I got the top and coat from work (Dorothy Perkins) which is hilarious because I’m so far from their target market. We cater to 30-something year old ladies but the clothes looked wavy and were free so I’m not complaining. If you’re sticking to one tone in an outfit try combining different textures like fur, suede (all faux ofcourse), wool, shiny fabrics etc like I’ve done. It adds a bit more depth to the look. And the bootcuts are back bihhhhhh, it was about time I featured my fave trousers of all time in a blog post. I got them for like £2 in H&M and they’re the comfiest, softest, waviest trousers ever!

This year is the year of making serious moves and being bold in everything you do. I can’t stress this enough. Even though I come across as loud and bubbly etc, I can actually be quite shy in certain situations (no one believes me but it’s true lol) so I’ve decided that I’m going to be more courageous and continue to step out of my comfort zone this year. We can’t get where we want to be and achieve what we want by being shy and reserved. Get up and get it gurrl. No excuses. What are some of your goals this year? Comment below!



Photography: Stephanie Okereafor

What I wore:
Dress – Thrifted (Zara)
Jacket – Mile End Thrift Store
Trainers – Nike AF1
Bag – Primark
Glasses – eBay

Hey hey, your girl is back! It’s been an extremely long hiatus, my longest one yet, but it was definitely needed and so much has happened since my last post in March (yé). I curated my first revival shoot, graduated (finally!), started my first “real” job and went on a very spontaneous trip to Morocco with my bestfriend. So it’s been a busy few months and I’m still trying to figure this adulting thing out but I’m back *multiple ayyy’s*! Life comes at you fast when you’ve suddenly got several bills to pay lol can I go back to school pls. But yeah, I’m learning to embrace it and get into a general routine whilst also working on my fashion reconstruction brand, revival, and keeping my mental health in check. To anyone in a similar position juggling different things at once, keep pushing boo. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

So I went for a bit of an oldschool vibe with this look, sporting these brown, rectangular glasses, which look exactly like my dad’s ones circa ’04, and some vintage suede which I bought years ago when vintage stuff wasn’t overpriced. I found the Zara roll neck dress in Traid for just £3 which completed the 70’s feel and the whole look literally cost about £12 (excluding shoes). The trick of the trade is to always look at labels when thrifting in charity shops; you’ll always find some high street brands in them and sometimes even some designer (depending on the location). Also, eBay is great for vintage accessories so search on there for some cheap, unique bits. Hope you guys were inspired and can’t wait to share more lewks with you.



After receiving my autumn semester grades, I decided to cut some things out of my life and one of those ended up being my amazing job as a Soap & Glory Glambassador. I was literally only one month in and absolutely loving it but I had to be make that sacrifice so that I could dedicate more time to the final semester of my degree. So my blog is going to be quiet for a while whilst I try and get back on track for that first class (IJN). Pray for me x

I’m going to be working on re-branding in the mean time and planning some more creative and varied posts for you guys so just wait on it. And you know that new theme and layout I was screaming about at the beginning of the year, yeah I’m gonna do that too lol. Anyway, I have some great news…


The lovely Humeara has taken over from me so she is now the official Soap & Glory Glambassador for the University of Nottingham! Humeara is beauty-obsessed, fun and full of good tips for all you girlies out there. Make sure you check out her YT channel here, she’s got a couple of videos up right now so make sure you like, comment and subscribe!



Every now and then our skin needs some extra love and care. It’s so important to exfoliate your body just as it is your face because as human we build up dead skin cells which need to be scrub-a-dubbed away. I’ve been so focused on my face and having a near-perfect routine that I forgot about rejuvenating the skin below my neck.


I’m so basic when it comes to shower gels and body soaps etc but these Soap & Glory scrubs have shown me the light! They are perfect for that yung skin revival and after using them for just a few days, my skin is already feeling like a baby’s bottom. They contain ingredients that are quite similar to some homemade scrub recipes I’ve seen online but ain’t nobody got time to be making scrubs from scratch when you’ve got a degree to catch so these are my new go-to’s.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Scrubimg_7258-copyimg_7272-copy

Rating: 4.5/5 iconiconiconicontub1
Smell: Sharp and sweet lime scent.
Post-skin feeling: Super smooth and moisturised.
Fave ingredients: Brown sugar and almond oil.

Overall, this sweet scrub is so yummy I literally wanted to eat it all up. It literally smells like tangy sweets and I get flashbacks of primary/secondary school when everyone used to buy loads of sweets after school lol deep stuff. Anyway, this scrub does its job; it reduces the effects of Keratosis pilaris, a really common condition which creates the appearance of goose bumps. Use on slightly damp skin (not fully wet skin) otherwise it will just slide everywhere.

Soap & Glory Scrub Em and Leave Em Body Buffimg_7259-copyimg_7265-copy

Rating: 3/5 iconiconiconicon
Smell –
Subtle perfume smell.
Post-skin feeling – Silky smooth.
Fave ingredients – Sea salt.

Overall, buff stuff. After using this scrub, my skin felt so refreshed! When I first opened the tub I didn’t think it had much of a smell but as I applied it to my skin the smell actually heightened and went from 0-100. It’s scented with Mist You Madly which is my favourite Soap & Glory range so I fell in love with it even more! Also, it’s got a good balance of oil so it doesn’t leave you greasy. These scrubs are especially good for the tougher areas of your body like your elbows, knees and feet. Thanks for reading my lovelies and hope you guys are having a fab weekend. (Supported by Soap & Glory)



I’ve been trying quite a few different skincare products recently and branching out to see if anything can top my usual products. I was sent the Soap & Glory Fab Pore Purifying Foam Cleanser and after using it for about a week I’m actually really impressed. I never used a foam cleanser, not for any particular reason, but this stuff is so good! I love the packaging and the pump is super easy to use. All you do is wet your skin, blend a few pumps onto your skin, massage, rinse and BAM, your skin is refreshed. This product is specifically recommended for Oily/Combination skin so it’s perfect for me. Also, it seems like it will last 5eva because a little goes a long way.


This product is so worth the money as well. Even though I’m Thrift Queen and all, I like to invest in my skincare products because I care A LOT about what goes on my skin. Soap & Glory products are truly a top quality brand. They invest SO MUCH into their technology, ingredients and the manufacturing of their products probably even more than your fave beauty brands *cough* no shade *cough*. This cleanser includes their patented Poreshrink and Coolcapsule Soothe technology which helps reduce the size of pores and leaves your skin feeling 1hunna.

It’s a yes from me. I’ve been converted into a foam cleanser fan!

(Supported by Soap & Glory)



Taking off makeup can be such a chore but it’s actually so important if you want to keep your skin looking and feeling good. I’m guilty of falling asleep in a full face (and full outfit lol) after a night out but it’s never too late to make a change! For me, when I wake up that morning, my skin is literally not impressed with me. Like dafukwozyouthinkingbih. Plus I feel like having oily skin just makes the situation 10x worse.


Obviously, there are serious repercussions for casually falling asleep in your beat face – breakouts, acne, dull skin and even ageing according to Huffington Post. When you wear makeup for a lengthy period of time it actually starts to clog your pores as you’re preventing your skin from breathing therefore leading to spots. Majority of the time I’ll end up with a breakout and that’s not cute. So if you still wanna keep that yung glow and get ID’d at the till (take it as a compliment), you’re gonna have to cleanse yo face! You can cake your face and do the most but make sure you clean it off properly so your skin gets a chance to renew itself and bounce back. Below are my 4 KEY STEPS which I try and stick to. Hopefully this gives you a bit of a guide to keeping your skin flawless and in check after looking fleeky.


Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes

As everyone knows, because I say it all the time, I’ve got major oily skin and when I discovered Simple’s Oil Balancing range I fell in love. This was definitely heaven sent bruh. I’ve been using the whole range (except the scrub) for about a year now and they are still my number 1. Anyway, these wipes are perfect as a starting point to remove the top layers. Wipes in general don’t fully remove all the makeup and dirt from your face so this just kicks off the cleansing process. These specific ones don’t contain any artificial perfumes, colours or chemicals so they’re great for sensitive skin.


Soap & Glory Drama Clean 5-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water

Secondly, I grab my micellar water by Soap & Glory and a few cotton pads to cleanse a bit deeper. It cleanses, tones and soothes all in 1 so really helps to dissolve the dirt that’s still on your face after Step 1. It smells so beautiful as well. I love love love cucumber – the smell, taste, everything. This product is crazily affordable as well. You can get it for a fiver right now at Boots so if you’ll looking for a cleanser I’d defo recommend this baby.


Soap & Glory Face Soap & Clarity Facial Wash

I was introduced to this product last month when I became a Soap & Glory Glambassador and won it in a S&G quiz! It has literally transformed my skin. My cheeks feel like a baby’s bottom (see what I did there haha) and my pores have reduced in size quite a lot as well. The mircobeads help to get rid of all those dead skin cells and clean the teeny crevices on your face and a top quality exfoliating scrub will do a good job too. Btw if you have oily skin, look for products which contains glycolic acid. This is a key ingredient as it helps to reduce excessive oil production in your skin. Also, alcohol-free products are better as they won’t strip your skin of water. Don’t you dare skip the wash step! 


Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser

Lastly, after patting my face dry with a face towel, I apply this Simple moisturiser, again from their Oil Balancing range. It’s not greasy at all and after applying it just disappears as it’s so lightweight. This product contains special ingredients such as Pro-vitamin B5 which “actively restores, softens and smoothes” so your skin feels silky smooth afterwards. Just what you need after wearing heaps of concealer and foundation and blinding highlighter…

Obviously different products work for different people but this is my simple routine to fully remove every inch of makeup I put on. Hope you guys were inspired in some way or learned something new. Love and take care of you and your skin! (Supported by Soap & Glory)



Jumper – New Look
Skirt – Thrifted
Denim jacket – Thrifted
Boots – Public Desire
Bag – Primark

So ofcourse, Valentine’s Day is round the corner so I thought I’d put together an outfit to inspire you girlies out there. Whether you’re single or taken, side piece or main, this look is perfect for a cute day out with whoever you’re spending it with. It’s giving off all kinds of cute, cosy and sexy vibes! It’s been really chilly lately which is why I’ve gone for a really thick, warm jumper but the thigh highs add a sprinkle of spice to the look #saltbae. I’ve really been loving them and rocking them every chance I get. 90% of the time I’m in flat shoes, because comfort is key, but my shoe collection has been getting a bit heel-y if you get my drift! Grown gal tings 2017.


I never “celebrate” Valentines Day but I’m going to be spending Valentines Galentines this year with my gals! Sometimes you just have to leave your non-existent bae at home init. It’s going to be all about celebrating each other and just having a cute fun time out (girl power yaaas).


I’m rocking Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss in the shade Candy Queen which is my personal fave. (FYI this was the first ever Soap & Glory product to be released and it’s still so popular to this day!) The Sexy Mother Pucker range is actually lip plumping and has Superfill Plumping Technology and literally works on contact; it buzzes on your lips to get them nice and plump. As I’ve already been blessed with quite juicy lips, I just use this gloss for their beautiful, shimmery coating and top it with some clear gloss for added shine! What is lipgloss if it doesn’t double up as a reflective surface?! I’m all for that high shine baby. I love the smell of these lipglosses and their not sticky like other ones I’ve tried. They just glide on nicely and add a subtle sparkle to any look.

I’ll be giving away 5 of these amazing Sexy Mother Pucker lip glosses (in the shades below) to 5 lucky girlies across the UK. You can choose which colour you prefer and just simply follow the instructions below!

1. Write a comment sharing your take on Galentines or what you love most about spending time with your gals.

2. Share this post on any social media site.

Shades: Nudestar, Doughnut, Bare Enough, Pink-out-loud, & Plumsup.

The giveaway ends when I run out of lipglosses to give away lol btw UK gals only sorry! (Supported by Soap & Glory)



Hey readers, hope you guys are doing great. I know it’s been a minute but your girl is back in the blogosphere (check my insta for a life update haha)! I recently became the first ever Soap & Glory Digital Glambassador for my university (which I am super excited about!) so I’ll be sharing some lovely products and new content with y’all. (I am supported by Soap & Glory)

So for those who don’t know, Soap & Glory is an all-pink, fun and flirty beauty brand which launched in 2006. They’re all about making girls look and feel gorgeous with kick-ass femininity and their products range from makeup to skincare to seductive fragrances. I’ve used Soap & Glory for so many years and honestly, the quality is top notch. You literally get the best bang for your beauty budget! I’m reviewing the Diamond Edition of The Righteous Butter, which was the one of the first ever Soap & Glory product to hit the stores. It’s basically the snazzy version of such an iconic product…


This beautiful, sweet-smelling, buttery goodness does more than just keep you moisturised. It glides onto the skin like there’s no tomorrow and leaves it feeling all kinds of smooth! I can’t lie, I don’t change my body creams very often but this stuff is so good. I have very dry skin (apart from my face) so I live for the likes of shea butter, pure oils and particular brands of cocoa butter. However, this ever so righteous body cream contains shea butter AND aloe vera to help protect the skin from drying out. It’s deeply moisturising but also very lightweight. I don’t know how they do it but I am in love!


Righteous Rating:
Texture – 8/10; silky smooth and velvety.
Smell – 11/10; perfume-like scent which lasts hours.
Hydration – 7.5/10; pretty moisturising and sinks into skin quickly.
Packaging – 10/10; so pretty and ofcourse it’s pink!
Price – 6/10; a lot more than I would normally pay for cream but it’s worth the tenner.

This product is extra special and definitely lives up to its name; it gives you sparkly skin *cries in glitter*. It’s got diamond dust complex which adds a poppin’ shimmer to blind all the haters and I mean what girl doesn’t want a bit of bling all over their body?! Love it! You can get a FREE tub of the Righteous Butter Diamond Edition when you spend £11 or more on any other Soap & Glory bath and beauty products. So head straight to your local Boots store or online here to get yo life hunny. It’s also available in a few different scents so you can get one that suits you best. Check out the Soap & Glory website for more info, exciting news and competitions as there’s always something exciting going on. Stay cute and fly.



Photography: Pamilerin Akinlosotu (PamSotu Photography)

What I wore:
Top – American Apparel
Trousers – Thrifted
Jacket –Thrifted
Shoes – Vagabond – Office
Bag – Matalan

I said in my previous blog post that I’d post this look separately so here it is; part 2 of the shoot from my interview with Pam on I am totally in love with these images so big shout out to Pam again. This look features one of my favourite jackets of life! I got it from a charity shop somewhere in North London yearssss ago and it’s just that funky item I bring out every now and then. It defo “makes” the look so I paired it with simple pieces and some layered gold jewellery for a 90’s feel.

Life right now is flying by so fast. I don’t know if I’m the only one feeling like this but how is it December already? Bruh. 2017 is literally round the corner. So I’ve decided that December time is going to be my “month of reflection” (sounds so cringe but whatevs lol). I’m going to use this time to evaluate the year and look back on the goals I set myself in Jan (hopefully you did too!). I’ve deeped how useful reflection is/can be especially when analysing progression and growth so new month, new me init. I bought a large whiteboard at the beginning of term and it’s the best thing ever. On one half, I write down my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals for everything from academic work to my blog to savings (and getting out of this stupid student overdraft kmt). The other half of the board is full of Bible scriptures and quotes to keep me motivated. Since I started setting myself goals, I feel like I take life more seriously and I actually have something to aim for. It definitely gives you a better sense of direction as well, so if you’re feeling lost or a bit merr about life, try setting some goals even if they’re really simple to begin with. Don’t underestimate the power of goal setting!

“Without a goal, it’s difficult to score.” – Paul Arden.

Also, a bit of self-assessment ain’t never hurt nobody. Ask yourself questions like ‘what have I achieved in x?’ and ‘what progress have I made in y?’. Ofcourse, don’t end up overdoing it and beat yourself up for not accomplishing something. Figure out what went wrong and try tackling it in another way.

I don’t know what works best for you guys, as everyone’s different, but here are my top tips for getting organised:
Buy a huge annual calendar – Stick it on your wall and write in all the important events, birthdays, deadlines, holidays, etc coming up so you know what your year looks like (roughly).
Plan your weekly schedule – Every Sunday, plan out what you want to achieve each day of the week and how much time you want to spend on each ‘task’ (I do this on my iPhone calendar so it’s really easy to edit and I can check it when I’m on the go).
Write lists – To-do lists, checklists, all types of lists! Write down a list of things you need to get done on a daily, weekly, etc basis and update it frequently (I love lists because I can be so unbelievably forgetful sometimes).
Organise your desk space – Clear any clutter, tidy up and organise your files and get some Feng Shui energy up on that desk, maybe even buy some cute mini cacti for aesthetics.

Have an amazing December guys and girls, stay blessed and thanks for reading.