Photography: Ola Black (@olablck_)

What I Wore:
Dress – Zara
Coat – Dorothy Perkins
Bag – Primark
Boots – ASOS

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, etc seasons greetings and them ting there and yes I know we’re in Feb now, it’s been a while… Do people still read blogs? Anyway, I took an unplanned hiatus but I’m back guys, sorry to keep you so deprived of fabulous content.

To be very honest with you I haven’t really gone “thrifting”/charity shop shopping properly in a while so my look is literally all from the actual high street, eww. I moved to a new area and there’s literally no local high street that I can just pop to every now and then for a cheeky thrift (which was what I used to do) but you know I’m a bargain hunter so this outfit was still cheap as chips. It’s a simple fit with the star of the show being the zebra print dress which was from Zara for like £7 *shakus on the beat* and my coat was a freebie from when I used to work at Arcadia (that hell hole) so it’s great to have/make friends in retail head offices ;). The boots are my favourite shoes right now, they’ve been keeping my toes warm in the cold and were only about £30 from ASOS, I’ve linked them below if you want to cop!

C ya xx



In this look, I’m sporting a stolen t-shirt (from a friend lol) and a green mini skirt which has been collecting dust at the back of my wardrobe for some time now. I thought it would be a cute combo and I think the graphic print compliments it quite well plus, who doesn’t love a colour clash! As you can see I am loving the mini skirt and crep combo at the moment. It’s my go-to right now with the addition a t-shirt to complete the look.

Photography: Alex Mitchell (@alexmitchellphotography)

What I Wore:
T-shirt – Stolen from a friend
Skirt – Thrifted
Denim Jacket – Topshop
Trainers – FILA
Necklace – Topshop

Hope you guys have been enjoying the semi-decent weather (Londoners), we’re actually having a summer wow! Also, how are we nearly at the end of July? I need answers guys, seriously. This month has literally flown by and I feel like so much has happened. One major change has been me moving to a completely different part of London with my sister and it’s the first place we can actually call home *tears of joy*. It feels amazing to officially have our own flat but also very overwhelming and surreal. With God all things are truly possible and I’m just so grateful right now. There have also been some downs this month but I know everything happens for a reason and God is in full control. Life is ofcourse full of twists and turns and it’s all about embracing each experience and moment as well as living each day to the fullest because tomorrow isn’t promised. On a lighter note, congratulations to all those graduating from university over this period. Well done on completing no matter what grade you left with and welcome to the real world haa!

What’s been the highlight (or lowlight?) of this month so far? Comment below 🙂

Thanks so much for reading and catch you on the next one.



Photography: Keelie Mweni (@kreated.jpg)

What I wore:
2 piece suit – Miss Selfridge
Trainers – FILA
Fanny pack – Thrifted
Glasses – eBay
Earrings – H&M

This look was inspired by my fellow commuters, the 9-5ers and grinders rising early to get that coin and crawling home tired af after hours. I’ve really been feeling this suit and crep look and I feel like it came straight from TfL because this is a real life, practical look for most office heads – trekking to work in crep and then changing into shiny shoes at the office. I wonder if they know they’ve been setting trends…

Lately I’ve been feeling super overwhelmed and like I’ve been doing way too much and honestly I have. I’m the type of person that loves to always have something going on whether it’s my blog, a business venture, a new hobby, etc and I find it really difficult to just be idle and do nothing with my day. But more recently I’ve been struggling to fit in any “me” time or even time to see family and friends and that’s when I had to check myself. I’ve come to realise that sometimes you just need to CHILL. It’s not okay to always be busy because that’s not sustainable. We all need to take a break once in a while so we can recharge and get back to what we were working on with even more vim. I know this can’t just be me so sis/bro, take a bludclart break. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Sidenote: These FILA Disruptors are ridiculously comfy, who’s also feeling the “dad trainers” trend right now?! Thanks for reading guys, stay blessed and have an amazing new month!




Yep, we’re still wearing coats despite the fact that it’s April now, British weather eh. I’m very tired of this deceptive sunshine and bipolar weather. Anyway, your girl is back with a new post and this one’s for the bada$$ bih’s. I thought I’d put together a lil edgy look with my fairly new leopard print coat and cat eye sunglasses because why not?! I felt especially badass with these sunglasses on; I swear they make you feel like a completely different person. Confidence levels on 1000 x

I’m not the most confident person but I’m a firm believer in stepping out of your comfort zone and also faking it till you make it. By the latter, I don’t mean stunting and acting like you’ve got it all together but rather forcing yourself to be confident in the moment and then making that your norm. For example, when I’m at a networking event I’ll force myself to walk over to at least one person and start a conversation without overthinking it! Literally, just do it (no Nike). As you continue to do that frequently, it will come so naturally to you, which is what Dr Ivan Joseph talks about in his Ted Talk; he describes confidence as a skill that can be trained and I think this is so true. I also think, however, that we are all born with a certain level of confidence, some greater than others and in different aspects, but we’re still capable of increasing our level on confidence in the areas we lack in.

Photography: Belita Marfo (@biggiesnaps_)

What I wore:
Top – Topshop sample sale
Jeans – Topshop sample sale
Coat – Dorothy Perkins
Boots – New Look
Bag – Primark
Sunglasses – eBay

What item/person/place/scent gives you a boost of confidence? Comment below! 🙂

FYI my coat is 100% faux fur coat pls before anyone comes with their slander lol I definitely don’t condone the killing of animals for the manufacture of (luxury) goods.

Thanks for reading!



I don’t know if you guys can tell but I’m a tomboy at heart lol especially during winter when I just want to be COZY AF. As soon as the temperature drops, I go into comfy mode and tend to wear functional pieces rather than showy bits. Thick socks, jumpers, hoodies, the full works and usually something oversized as well. I remember being bullied in school/college for wearing “boy-ish”, baggy clothes and it used to upset me but at this point in my life I don’t give a flying donkey what anyone thinks of me and my style. Plus I can switch it up whenever wherever and that’s what I really enjoy about fashion – showcasing a different element of yourself everyday. Slightly androgynous styling has a special place in my heart and I love preeing the men’s section!

So this is my take on a colourful, cute and comfy winter look. I’m a summer baby and I love bright hues so I thought I’d break the Autumn/Winter norms and style something bright. This blue puffa is my favourite coat yet, it’s super warm and bright (ofcourse) so was a great addition to my wardrobe. I got it for £4 (YES £4!!!) from a shop called Traid (Camden Town branch) when they had one of their spontaneous sales in which everything was between £1-5! On a normal day their prices are a bit cheeky so keep your eyes peeled for the discounts. Traid is a charity focused on reducing clothing waste and encouraging clothing re-use so not only do they have some amazing, unique pieces, but they also do amazing work within the textile industry. Check them out here. Everything else was thrifted so cheap as chips as well and then a cute Zara backpack to complete the look.

Photography: Stephanie Okereafor

What I wore:
T-shirt – Thrifted
Trousers – Thrifted
Jacket – Thrifted
Trainers – Nike AF1
Backpack – Zara
Glasses – Primark
Earrings – Primark

Check out the alternatives below to get this look and let me know what you think!



Photography: Stephanie Okereafor

What I wore:
Top – Dorothy Perkins
Trousers – H&M
Coat – Dorothy Perkins
Trainers – Nike AF1
Bag – New Look

Happy New Year guys and girlies! Yes, I know we’re nearly at the end of Jan but it’s my first blog post of the year so yeah 🙂 Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a magical New Year and started 2018 off with good vibes and good company. I’ve been back at work for less than two weeks after an amazing holiday in Ghana and I’m already planning my next trip haa. This look was inspired by my African mum and her strong desire for everyone to wear white on Christmas Eve/New Years (if you know you know lol). I wanted to start the new year shining shining so I thought why not throw some creams and white hues together. Believe it or not, I got the top and coat from work (Dorothy Perkins) which is hilarious because I’m so far from their target market. We cater to 30-something year old ladies but the clothes looked wavy and were free so I’m not complaining. If you’re sticking to one tone in an outfit try combining different textures like fur, suede (all faux ofcourse), wool, shiny fabrics etc like I’ve done. It adds a bit more depth to the look. And the bootcuts are back bihhhhhh, it was about time I featured my fave trousers of all time in a blog post. I got them for like £2 in H&M and they’re the comfiest, softest, waviest trousers ever!

This year is the year of making serious moves and being bold in everything you do. I can’t stress this enough. Even though I come across as loud and bubbly etc, I can actually be quite shy in certain situations (no one believes me but it’s true lol) so I’ve decided that I’m going to be more courageous and continue to step out of my comfort zone this year. We can’t get where we want to be and achieve what we want by being shy and reserved. Get up and get it gurrl. No excuses. What are some of your goals this year? Comment below!



Photography: Stephanie Okereafor

What I wore:
Dress – Thrifted (Zara)
Jacket – Mile End Thrift Store
Trainers – Nike AF1
Bag – Primark
Glasses – eBay

Hey hey, your girl is back! It’s been an extremely long hiatus, my longest one yet, but it was definitely needed and so much has happened since my last post in March (yé). I curated my first revival shoot, graduated (finally!), started my first “real” job and went on a very spontaneous trip to Morocco with my bestfriend. So it’s been a busy few months and I’m still trying to figure this adulting thing out but I’m back *multiple ayyy’s*! Life comes at you fast when you’ve suddenly got several bills to pay lol can I go back to school pls. But yeah, I’m learning to embrace it and get into a general routine whilst also working on my fashion reconstruction brand, revival, and keeping my mental health in check. To anyone in a similar position juggling different things at once, keep pushing boo. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

So I went for a bit of an oldschool vibe with this look, sporting these brown, rectangular glasses, which look exactly like my dad’s ones circa ’04, and some vintage suede which I bought years ago when vintage stuff wasn’t overpriced. I found the Zara roll neck dress in Traid for just £3 which completed the 70’s feel and the whole look literally cost about £12 (excluding shoes). The trick of the trade is to always look at labels when thrifting in charity shops; you’ll always find some high street brands in them and sometimes even some designer (depending on the location). Also, eBay is great for vintage accessories so search on there for some cheap, unique bits. Hope you guys were inspired and can’t wait to share more lewks with you.



Photography: Pamilerin Akinlosotu (PamSotu Photography)

What I wore:
Top – American Apparel
Trousers – Thrifted
Jacket –Thrifted
Shoes – Vagabond – Office
Bag – Matalan

I said in my previous blog post that I’d post this look separately so here it is; part 2 of the shoot from my interview with Pam on www.pamsotu.com. I am totally in love with these images so big shout out to Pam again. This look features one of my favourite jackets of life! I got it from a charity shop somewhere in North London yearssss ago and it’s just that funky item I bring out every now and then. It defo “makes” the look so I paired it with simple pieces and some layered gold jewellery for a 90’s feel.

Life right now is flying by so fast. I don’t know if I’m the only one feeling like this but how is it December already? Bruh. 2017 is literally round the corner. So I’ve decided that December time is going to be my “month of reflection” (sounds so cringe but whatevs lol). I’m going to use this time to evaluate the year and look back on the goals I set myself in Jan (hopefully you did too!). I’ve deeped how useful reflection is/can be especially when analysing progression and growth so new month, new me init. I bought a large whiteboard at the beginning of term and it’s the best thing ever. On one half, I write down my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals for everything from academic work to my blog to savings (and getting out of this stupid student overdraft kmt). The other half of the board is full of Bible scriptures and quotes to keep me motivated. Since I started setting myself goals, I feel like I take life more seriously and I actually have something to aim for. It definitely gives you a better sense of direction as well, so if you’re feeling lost or a bit merr about life, try setting some goals even if they’re really simple to begin with. Don’t underestimate the power of goal setting!

“Without a goal, it’s difficult to score.” – Paul Arden.

Also, a bit of self-assessment ain’t never hurt nobody. Ask yourself questions like ‘what have I achieved in x?’ and ‘what progress have I made in y?’. Ofcourse, don’t end up overdoing it and beat yourself up for not accomplishing something. Figure out what went wrong and try tackling it in another way.

I don’t know what works best for you guys, as everyone’s different, but here are my top tips for getting organised:
Buy a huge annual calendar – Stick it on your wall and write in all the important events, birthdays, deadlines, holidays, etc coming up so you know what your year looks like (roughly).
Plan your weekly schedule – Every Sunday, plan out what you want to achieve each day of the week and how much time you want to spend on each ‘task’ (I do this on my iPhone calendar so it’s really easy to edit and I can check it when I’m on the go).
Write lists – To-do lists, checklists, all types of lists! Write down a list of things you need to get done on a daily, weekly, etc basis and update it frequently (I love lists because I can be so unbelievably forgetful sometimes).
Organise your desk space – Clear any clutter, tidy up and organise your files and get some Feng Shui energy up on that desk, maybe even buy some cute mini cacti for aesthetics.

Have an amazing December guys and girls, stay blessed and thanks for reading.



Earlier this month, I was interviewed by the amazing and talented Pamilerin Akinlosotu, entrepreneur and founder of PamSotu Photography. Pam is an outstanding photographer with a crazy and fun personality; she doesn’t just take pictures, she captures stories. For her, it’s important that she gets to know who she is working with and I also got to know her a bit better. Alongside the interview, we did a mini photoshoot in two different looks to capture my style and personality. We had a lot of fun shooting whilst discussing what it’s like being a young entrepreneur, how I got into fashion and life in general. Pam really knows how to get the conversation flowing and she’s full of wisdom!

“…being a Christian, I remind myself daily that God created me unique and with special gifts so it’s essential that I fully embrace that.”

“I don’t like looking like everyone else. I’m not basic or ordinary and I believe I wasn’t put on this Earth to blend in.”

Photography: Pamilerin Akinlosotu (PamSotu Photography)

What I wore:
Jumper – Thrifted
Skirt – Thrifted
Jacket – Thrifted
Shoes – Nike
Socks – Nike

This look was inspired by love of colour. I’m so into wearing colour all year round, whether it’s 30 degrees outside or 2, I just love wearing bright hues. I paired this red tartan skirt with a cobalt blue turtleneck jumper as it complimented the skirt so well. Red and blue look so good together, especially when their in these classic shades. I then added a bit of a sporty vibe with my Nike socks and chunky AF1’s. Clearly, I’m not the girliest of girls but I do love a cheeky little skirt every now and then, with a slight tomboy-ish twist. It’s okay to mix the two, for example, don’t be scared to rock a sexy dress with some chunky Dr Marten boots! Androgynous will always be a look.

I was so blessed to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Pam. She’s such a sweet soul and fun to be around. You can read the full interview here and hopefully it inspires you in some way. Also, make sure you check out Pam’s official website, www.pamsotu.com and social media, Instagram and Facebook. I’m going to post the other look in a separate blog post as I didn’t want to overload you guys with pictures. Hope you enjoyed reading this. Multiple kisses.



Hey readers, so tonight I thought I’d write about the Future Girl Corp workshop marathon/event I attended a while back because it was such an amazing day and I wanted to share my experience with y’all.


So one day as I’m scrolling through my various social media feeds… Somehow I found myself on http://www.futuregirlcorp.com filling in an application form for a free 12-hour business workshop for female CEOs. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss, from an early age as I hate being told what to do or having to report back to someone like a manager or supervisor, so I jumped at the opportunity. Also, this was perfectly timed as I was in the process of relaunching Revival  London, my fashion reconstruction and personal styling company.

So after some time, I finally got the email saying I had been successful, I nearly screamed because I really wasn’t expecting that. I was chosen out of the 400 applicants to be 1 of 100 attendees! I was shocked but obviously so grateful and honoured to have been selected. All the glory belongs to God. #62 baby *winks*


Our amazing goodies bags laid out in the auditorium with our labelled seats (I’ll show what was inside, keep scrolling!) and a bit of early morning networking.

The 12-hour workshop marathon kicked off with some wise words from Sharmadean herself and she gave us an insight into WAH Nails and how it all started. This was followed by the first topic of discussion – “Vision”. Sharmadean talked us through her own vision with WAH Nails and explained to us what a vision should look like; it needs to be succinct and straight to the point. We also heard from , , and . We were then split up into groups and sent off to separate rooms to put pen to paper create or refine or simple just write down the vision we have for our business ventures. I thought this was going to be easy but it was actually kind of difficult for me to present Revival London in one sentence! I got there in the end – “to sustainably redesign wardrobes worldwide”. So that was the format for the preceding 3 sessions – Roadmap, User Profile and Business Model Canvas.

Sharmadean Reid – Founder &CEO of WAH London

img_3904Selina Donald – Co-Founder of The Bulb

Linzi Boyd – Global Partner at Shirlaws Group

Tabitha Goldstaub – Co-Founder of Cognition X, leading the vision workshop

We then heard from the founder of Huckletree (the co-working space we were in) and some more lovely female speakers from different industries.

Gabriela Hersham – Founder of Huckletree

Georgina Harding, Co-Founder of Semaine

*sidenote* I was totally in love with this co-working space; the decor, furniture, layout etc was beautiful! I’d love to work here some time in the near future. Love it.

Last few speakers of the day!

Mariam Mola – Founder of Mentor Matcher

Amber Atherton – Founder of My Flash Trash

Eliza – Artist, ended the day with a talk/open discussion with Sharmadean about why girls must support each other.

We had some delicious pizza for lunch (somewhere in between all the talks and amazing workshops) and then chicken and chips and cocktails to end the day. Couldn’t have asked for a better send off!

I met some really lovely girlies all throughout the day  and made sure I forced myself to network and talk to people (I can be so shy at times!).

Above is the gorgeous Sapphire Rutter, founder of The Flower Arranger. Below is Bhavna Malkani showcasing one of the subscription boxes from her company, MeeBox, and two natural hair care products from Curly By Nature.

I felt so blessed to have been one of the first 100 Future Girl Corp members and it was kinda surreal to look around and see so many beautiful women of all cultures and backgrounds! It was really something special.

img_3954img_3966Photography: Me (Rosette Damilola Ale)

So, what did I learn?
This event was literally an eye opener for me. I went there thinking I knew what my business, Revival London, was all about. Ofcourse, I know why I started it and the purpose of the company but the workshops and having to describe it to so many people made me realise that I didn’t know how to articulate this idea in my head to others. Having to sit down and literally write down what your vision is sounds easier than it is! I’ve been taking on board all the information and advice bit by bit whilst trying to keep up with uni work so it’s been challenging but the hard work and lack of sleep will pay off in the end! So yeah, the main thing I took away from this day was that clarity is key. You need a clear vision and for others to be able to understand your vision. Whether these are potential customers, employees or anyone intrigued by your brand. Get your vision written own and learn how to sell that to people.

Thank you so much once again to Sharmadean, the whole team behind the event, the beautiful, inspiring speakers, the sponsors, everyone involved in some way and to my fellow female CEOs! Thanks for reading booboos.