Photography: Keelie Mweni (@kreated.jpg)

What I wore:
2 piece suit – Miss Selfridge
Trainers – FILA
Fanny pack – Thrifted
Glasses – eBay
Earrings – H&M

This look was inspired by my fellow commuters, the 9-5ers and grinders rising early to get that coin and crawling home tired af after hours. I’ve really been feeling this suit and crep look and I feel like it came straight from TfL because this is a real life, practical look for most office heads – trekking to work in crep and then changing into shiny shoes at the office. I wonder if they know they’ve been setting trends…

Lately I’ve been feeling super overwhelmed and like I’ve been doing way too much and honestly I have. I’m the type of person that loves to always have something going on whether it’s my blog, a business venture, a new hobby, etc and I find it really difficult to just be idle and do nothing with my day. But more recently I’ve been struggling to fit in any “me” time or even time to see family and friends and that’s when I had to check myself. I’ve come to realise that sometimes you just need to CHILL. It’s not okay to always be busy because that’s not sustainable. We all need to take a break once in a while so we can recharge and get back to what we were working on with even more vim. I know this can’t just be me so sis/bro, take a bludclart break. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Sidenote: These FILA Disruptors are ridiculously comfy, who’s also feeling the “dad trainers” trend right now?! Thanks for reading guys, stay blessed and have an amazing new month!





What I wore:

Top – H&M – £2.99
Skirt – H&M
Maxi shirt – Thrifted – £5
Shoes – Vagabond – Office
Earrings – Internacionale
Choker – Ebay

Hi guys! It’s been ages since I’ve done an outfit post, so yaaah here it is! I wore this outfit quite a while ago but just forgot to post it after my photoshoot in June. I went for all black, on what turned out to be a very hot day, because I wanted to look simple and obvs I think I’m too cool to sweat basically. It was so sunny that day and being the photographer for my shoot I had to move around a lot to get some cool shots so it was quite stressful but ah well… I don’t know how to dress weather appropriate *shrugs*. It was still a fun day though and afterwards, we all went over to Busk The Box to watch some of the live performances.
I fell in love with this black and white striped chiffon shirt and I’ve been looking for one for agessssss. Ofcourse, being the queen of all things thrifty, I wasn’t ready to pay the £45+ for the high street ones so I went on the hunt and got something similar! This ones very light and so I can actually wear it in summer unlike most of the high street ones, yay me.

P.S. I am currently looking for a photographer to help me out with my personal style posts so if you or anyone you know is interested, drop me an email or hollatcha gurrl via any of my social media sites.