Photography: Belita Marfo (@biggiesnaps)

What I wore:
Jumpsuit – Stradivarius
Denim jacket – Topshop sample sale
Trainers – Fila
Bag – Nasty Gal
Earring – H&M
Sunglasses – ASOS

Today we’re discussing insecurities, comparison and what it means to be beautiful. Yup, deep stuff. So once upon a time I didn’t believe I was a peng ting. Everyone and their dad wanted to compare my sister and I, from friends to family members who always favoured her over me – she’s absolutely stunning btw, check her out on IG @antoinetteale_ + her hair platform @haircrushuk… I’d get comments from “friends” like “oh is that your sister, raah what happened to you” or “are you definitely blood sisters/related, are you sure?”. I was also always the friend who guys approached so they could get to my friend lol and on top of this tragic life story, I had quite bad acne, which again everyone used to point out to me as if I didn’t own a mirror. I used to pray hard for God to give me clear skin. Like listen, when I tellllll you these were full on tear-filled prayers; I was crying out to God like it was the end of the world, wow what a time. When I look back it seems silly but I honestly felt like utter crap and my self esteem was non-existent. I wouldn’t even dare go to the corner shop without makeup. It hurts to reflect and realise all this but it’s also amazing to acknowledge how far I’ve come. I think in a weird, subconscious way that’s how I came to develop an experimental, fun, unique dress sense and cool personality (not to toot my own horn or nothing haa) because I was probably trying to shift the focus away from my face. Funny how life works ay?!

I think it’s crazy how many people have deep insecurities and you’d never guess from looking at them or seeing them on social media. I had a conversation with a friend last week and she was sharing how she felt insecure about her body and all I could think was huh, YOU? I just never imagined that someone who came across so confident and self-aware would have insecurities but I think we all do, it’s mad.

I’m on a lifelong journey of learning to truly love myself inside and out and a lot of different things have helped over the years so I thought I’d share. Obviously being a Christian I try and run to God and His Word for everything life throws at me so that’s been really encouraging. Motivational speakers have also helped, to some extent, and also affirmations on daily/weekly/whenever-you-feel-like-a-dead-ting basis. Also, being really aware of my thoughts and nipping negative thoughts in the bud straight away— it can feel draining at first but it’ll become second nature with consistent practice. Please always remember, beauty fades and there’s much more to life than looks. A famous blogger once described her body as spirit sack and that really stuck with me because that’s exactly what it is and it’s what’s within that truly matters. Say it with me “I am a peng ting inside and out”.

Btw this was a little insight into my mind and the self-therapy sessions that go in my head so yeah welcome.

Stay blessed, c ya.



Photography: Ola Black (@olablck_)

What I Wore:
Dress – Zara
Coat – Dorothy Perkins
Bag – Primark
Boots – ASOS

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, etc seasons greetings and them ting there and yes I know we’re in Feb now, it’s been a while… Do people still read blogs? Anyway, I took an unplanned hiatus but I’m back guys, sorry to keep you so deprived of fabulous content.

To be very honest with you I haven’t really gone “thrifting”/charity shop shopping properly in a while so my look is literally all from the actual high street, eww. I moved to a new area and there’s literally no local high street that I can just pop to every now and then for a cheeky thrift (which was what I used to do) but you know I’m a bargain hunter so this outfit was still cheap as chips. It’s a simple fit with the star of the show being the zebra print dress which was from Zara for like £7 *shakus on the beat* and my coat was a freebie from when I used to work at Arcadia (that hell hole) so it’s great to have/make friends in retail head offices ;). The boots are my favourite shoes right now, they’ve been keeping my toes warm in the cold and were only about £30 from ASOS, I’ve linked them below if you want to cop!

C ya xx



This is Part 2 of the first post in my ‘1 Piece 2 Ways’ series featuring an oversized thrifted t-shirt which I styled in two completely different ways; if you haven’t already seen Part 1 of this denim edition, click here hunny…

Photography: Belita Marfo (@biggiesnaps_)

What I Wore:
T-shirt – Thrifted
Jeans – Topshop sample sale
Puffa jacket – Revival London
Trainers – Nike
Backpack – Topshop sample sale

In this lewk I’m sporting a handmade Revival bomber jacket made by yours truly from old pairs of jeans which you can see more of on the Revival insta revivalldn. This look is super chilled and laid back compared to the first one as I wanted to give you guys something different. I’m representing for all my tomboy girls out there who love a baggy look. Very casual, very cosy. I got the jeans from a sample sale at work for a few quid and the t-shirt was also a few quid so this outfit was cheap as chips lol who wants to come shopping with me?! I’ll help you save your coin so you can free up your coin for more important areas of your life 😉

Hope you enjoyed this post my lovelies, more to come in this series next season!



Welcome to the first in my seasonal series of ‘1 Piece, 2 Ways’ in which I’ll be showcasing two different ways of styling one garment or accessory. I thought I’d try something new with my blog so I hope you guys will like this new series!

 If you didn't already know, I am incredibly obsessed with denim (which is partly how my brand, Revival, became a denim brand) so the first in this series had to feature some good 'ol denim. This series is centred the oversized t-shirt which I got from a charity shop.

If you didn’t already know, I am incredibly obsessed with denim (which is partly how my brand, Revival, became a denim brand) so the first in this series had to feature some good ‘ol denim…

Photography: Belita Marfo (@biggiesnaps_)

What I Wore:
T-shirt – Thrifted
Denim Jacket – Thrifted
Shorts – Topshop (Joni jeans cut into shorts)
Boots – Public Desire
Bag – Primark
Glasses – Primark
Earrings – ASOS

This is Look number 1 (of 2) in the Denim Edition which features this oversized t-shirt as the main piece. I copped the t-shirt from the men’s section in my local charity shop. I really love the fit; it’s giving me oldschool vibes like in the early 2000’s when everyone wore XXXXL clothing. I swear I was born in the wrong era *sigh*. I went for a chilled yet spicy look for this one and decided to style my suede thigh high’s with a casual denim jacket to serve you some cute date night vibes.

Thanks for reading guys and look out for Part 2!