So today, I’m bringing you some pretty pink sawce with a splash of gentrification, featuring the very popular and pretty Palm Vaults café. I was kinda perplexed when I turned up and found this cute little café situated in the middle of the gritty East London high street. It’s right next to boss man’s homeware shop and other local necessities which I found a bit strange but I guess it’s a typical example of the gentrification that’s going on across parts of London. Anyway, I took my cute pics outside and kept it moving, safe for the aesthetics x

This look is a fave of mine; it’s a tad bit tomboy but still a bit girly which I’ve come to realise is my “look”; tomboy but make it cute. I found the pink, pleated skirt in my local (now not so local) charity shop for a few quid and got the top and denim jacket from sample sales at work! The skirt is quite a loud number but I love the shiny, foil texture and shade of pink; you’ll definitely turn some heads in something like this. Also, how cool is this denim jacket?! I low key high key wish I customised it myself but unfortunately not. I got it for a fiver and whenever I wear it I get tonnes of compliments!

The bag is another sample sale item (I was addicted to those sales lol) which compliments the skirt so well and is small but very handy and spacious. Teeny bags are in right now and I’m trying to build a little collection cos who doesn’t love miniature things! Mine’s from Toyshop but I know Zara have some really cute ones at the moment…

Photography: Belita Marfo (@biggiesnaps)

What I Wore:
T-shirt – Sample Sale
Skirt – Thrifted (H&M)
Jacket – Topshop Sample Sale
Trainers – Fila

So these past few months have been crazy, like a whole lot has occurred. I’ve moved into a new flat with my sis, lost a dear uncle, quit my job without having another one lined up (long story lol) and God’s just been revealing A LOT to me recently. I’ve also had some really low moments about my career/Revival/where I’m heading in life but God is good and I’ve found loads of encouragement and comfort in His Word. Truly “letting go and letting God” is scary but also very liberating and I’ve defo been exercising my faith muscles over the past couple of months. If you’re scared about pursuing something, publishing work, taking a risk, whatever it maybe, please JUST DO IT (word to Nike & Colin Kaepernick). Life is honestly too short. Push yourself and gtfo of that comfort zone! Anyway, I’m really looking forward to starting my new job next week as well as doing my own thing with Revival and just wanted to spread some encouragement to you guys.

P.S. I was going to wear this to LFW but I literally couldn’t be bothered this year lol if you went, how was it for you?



This is Part 2 of the first post in my ‘1 Piece 2 Ways’ series featuring an oversized thrifted t-shirt which I styled in two completely different ways; if you haven’t already seen Part 1 of this denim edition, click here hunny…

Photography: Belita Marfo (@biggiesnaps_)

What I Wore:
T-shirt – Thrifted
Jeans – Topshop sample sale
Puffa jacket – Revival London
Trainers – Nike
Backpack – Topshop sample sale

In this lewk I’m sporting a handmade Revival bomber jacket made by yours truly from old pairs of jeans which you can see more of on the Revival insta revivalldn. This look is super chilled and laid back compared to the first one as I wanted to give you guys something different. I’m representing for all my tomboy girls out there who love a baggy look. Very casual, very cosy. I got the jeans from a sample sale at work for a few quid and the t-shirt was also a few quid so this outfit was cheap as chips lol who wants to come shopping with me?! I’ll help you save your coin so you can free up your coin for more important areas of your life 😉

Hope you enjoyed this post my lovelies, more to come in this series next season!



Welcome to the first in my seasonal series of ‘1 Piece, 2 Ways’ in which I’ll be showcasing two different ways of styling one garment or accessory. I thought I’d try something new with my blog so I hope you guys will like this new series!

 If you didn't already know, I am incredibly obsessed with denim (which is partly how my brand, Revival, became a denim brand) so the first in this series had to feature some good 'ol denim. This series is centred the oversized t-shirt which I got from a charity shop.

If you didn’t already know, I am incredibly obsessed with denim (which is partly how my brand, Revival, became a denim brand) so the first in this series had to feature some good ‘ol denim…

Photography: Belita Marfo (@biggiesnaps_)

What I Wore:
T-shirt – Thrifted
Denim Jacket – Thrifted
Shorts – Topshop (Joni jeans cut into shorts)
Boots – Public Desire
Bag – Primark
Glasses – Primark
Earrings – ASOS

This is Look number 1 (of 2) in the Denim Edition which features this oversized t-shirt as the main piece. I copped the t-shirt from the men’s section in my local charity shop. I really love the fit; it’s giving me oldschool vibes like in the early 2000’s when everyone wore XXXXL clothing. I swear I was born in the wrong era *sigh*. I went for a chilled yet spicy look for this one and decided to style my suede thigh high’s with a casual denim jacket to serve you some cute date night vibes.

Thanks for reading guys and look out for Part 2!



Photography: Stephanie Okereafor

What I wore:
Dress – Thrifted (Zara)
Jacket – Mile End Thrift Store
Trainers – Nike AF1
Bag – Primark
Glasses – eBay

Hey hey, your girl is back! It’s been an extremely long hiatus, my longest one yet, but it was definitely needed and so much has happened since my last post in March (yé). I curated my first revival shoot, graduated (finally!), started my first “real” job and went on a very spontaneous trip to Morocco with my bestfriend. So it’s been a busy few months and I’m still trying to figure this adulting thing out but I’m back *multiple ayyy’s*! Life comes at you fast when you’ve suddenly got several bills to pay lol can I go back to school pls. But yeah, I’m learning to embrace it and get into a general routine whilst also working on my fashion reconstruction brand, revival, and keeping my mental health in check. To anyone in a similar position juggling different things at once, keep pushing boo. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

So I went for a bit of an oldschool vibe with this look, sporting these brown, rectangular glasses, which look exactly like my dad’s ones circa ’04, and some vintage suede which I bought years ago when vintage stuff wasn’t overpriced. I found the Zara roll neck dress in Traid for just £3 which completed the 70’s feel and the whole look literally cost about £12 (excluding shoes). The trick of the trade is to always look at labels when thrifting in charity shops; you’ll always find some high street brands in them and sometimes even some designer (depending on the location). Also, eBay is great for vintage accessories so search on there for some cheap, unique bits. Hope you guys were inspired and can’t wait to share more lewks with you.



Photography: Pamilerin Akinlosotu (PamSotu Photography)

What I wore:
Top – American Apparel
Trousers – Thrifted
Jacket –Thrifted
Shoes – Vagabond – Office
Bag – Matalan

I said in my previous blog post that I’d post this look separately so here it is; part 2 of the shoot from my interview with Pam on I am totally in love with these images so big shout out to Pam again. This look features one of my favourite jackets of life! I got it from a charity shop somewhere in North London yearssss ago and it’s just that funky item I bring out every now and then. It defo “makes” the look so I paired it with simple pieces and some layered gold jewellery for a 90’s feel.

Life right now is flying by so fast. I don’t know if I’m the only one feeling like this but how is it December already? Bruh. 2017 is literally round the corner. So I’ve decided that December time is going to be my “month of reflection” (sounds so cringe but whatevs lol). I’m going to use this time to evaluate the year and look back on the goals I set myself in Jan (hopefully you did too!). I’ve deeped how useful reflection is/can be especially when analysing progression and growth so new month, new me init. I bought a large whiteboard at the beginning of term and it’s the best thing ever. On one half, I write down my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals for everything from academic work to my blog to savings (and getting out of this stupid student overdraft kmt). The other half of the board is full of Bible scriptures and quotes to keep me motivated. Since I started setting myself goals, I feel like I take life more seriously and I actually have something to aim for. It definitely gives you a better sense of direction as well, so if you’re feeling lost or a bit merr about life, try setting some goals even if they’re really simple to begin with. Don’t underestimate the power of goal setting!

“Without a goal, it’s difficult to score.” – Paul Arden.

Also, a bit of self-assessment ain’t never hurt nobody. Ask yourself questions like ‘what have I achieved in x?’ and ‘what progress have I made in y?’. Ofcourse, don’t end up overdoing it and beat yourself up for not accomplishing something. Figure out what went wrong and try tackling it in another way.

I don’t know what works best for you guys, as everyone’s different, but here are my top tips for getting organised:
Buy a huge annual calendar – Stick it on your wall and write in all the important events, birthdays, deadlines, holidays, etc coming up so you know what your year looks like (roughly).
Plan your weekly schedule – Every Sunday, plan out what you want to achieve each day of the week and how much time you want to spend on each ‘task’ (I do this on my iPhone calendar so it’s really easy to edit and I can check it when I’m on the go).
Write lists – To-do lists, checklists, all types of lists! Write down a list of things you need to get done on a daily, weekly, etc basis and update it frequently (I love lists because I can be so unbelievably forgetful sometimes).
Organise your desk space – Clear any clutter, tidy up and organise your files and get some Feng Shui energy up on that desk, maybe even buy some cute mini cacti for aesthetics.

Have an amazing December guys and girls, stay blessed and thanks for reading.



Surprise surprise! I have a really special guest on my blog today and I’m really excited for this blog post (as always!) but especially today! Keep scrolling to find out more…

What We Wore:
T-shirt – Free & customised by me
Skirt – Thrifted – East End Thrift Store
Denim jacket – Thrifted
Bag – New Look
Shoes – Vagabond – Office

Crop top – Cow Vintage
Tights top – customised by Tayo
Skirt – Thrifted – East End Thrift Store
Jacket – Cow Vintage
Bag – ASOS
Shoes – Aliexpress

I met this beautiful flower, Adetayo, at university some time in the previous academic year. I think I saw her in church one Sunday and was like who’s that?! You know when you see someone quirky in the midst of everyone else and they stand out. Très hip, mate. So yeah I was like hol’ up, I’ve got to chat to this one (I’m literally drawn to creative people). So we got into a conversation somehow after service and I guess we just kinda clicked from then! We’re so similar in terms of how we dress and our crazy, weird personalities mesh together nicely so this collab was really pending.

We both went for very colourful, casual looks with oldschool prints and patterns and both mostly wearing vintage items, durrh. I’m loving this faded denim jacket atm. I copped it for £4 from a British Heart Foundation store in Camden. It’s super oversized and good for layering underneath but I’m thinking of lining it with faux fur from an old coat, hmm we’ll see. I customised the t-shirt about 3/4 years ago at a workshop in Old Street while I was on my gap year and it brings back such cool memories. I’m the kind of person to keep things for years. I just love treasuring things and recalling memories, or maybe I’m high key a hoarder. Tayo’s look is quite sporty with the white tennis skirt and sports crop top. Isn’t she just stunning. Look at her cheekbones and the highlight that is accompanying them please, lawd. Her vintage jacket just tops the whole look off and adds a splash sea of colour to her outfit. I’m currently scheming on how I can “borrow” it without ever returning it… Lastly, we’re both rocking cute little shoulder bags for our essentials and chunky, black shoes for comfort.

(Oh yeah and my hair is green/blue now, haha! What do you guys think? I’m loving having colour in my hair for once.)



Photography: Belita Marfo (Biggie Snaps)

What I wore:
Shirt – Mum
Shoes – Nike AF1 – Birthday present
Bag – Mum

So summer is done, finito, garrrn, but Belita and I managed to catch some sun before the clouds and rain and wind took over London. This look basically cost me nothing because everything was either a gift or borrowed/stolen. I didn’t even realise until I started writing this post! Shout out to my mum for this yellow print shirt, I don’t think she knows but it’s actually mine now muhaha. I love the way it hangs and the print is so beautiful; it’s got zebras, tigers and elephants all over it and if you really know me, you’ll know I love love love elephants. I’m channelling hella Safari vibes in this… Also, big up Anita and Funmi for my AF1’s, I’ve wanted them for so long and they surprised me with these on my 21st. Cuties.

So I’ve been on a mission to become more and more self sufficient and I think every female out there should definitely give this a go. It is the key to that independent, “yaaas bih” lifestyle. I personally don’t like relying on people because well, people are people. We make empty promises, misinterpret each other, thread off more eyebrow hair than what was instructed etc etc and I just cba 90% of the time. Especially when it comes to grooming in terms of nails, eyebrows and hair, etc I can be so fussy! So over the past couple of years I’ve been learning different skills in order to become a strong, independent black woman, hallelurr! Obviously I can’t do everything myself but so far I’ve learned things like how to make a wig, do my own Afro kinky twists, cook food from other cultures (instead of ordering takeaway), make jewellery etc and it’s so much fun. It’s empowering to know you can do something yourself and I find it quite exciting as well (I’m such a nerd lol). Obviously synergy is a mad ting and we are an interdependent world but sometimes DIY init. A bit of independence with certain things here and there gives you some superwoman powers and you may even end up making new friends or earning money from that new skill.

Challenge yourself to learn a new skill. Do something you’ve never done before.

God has been pushing me to get out of my comfort zone recently and that is where life truly starts! Life is all about transformation, growth and challenges and that’s the journey we should all be on; one that is full of discovery and uncomfortable experiences that help us develop into who God wants us to be. Whatever you want to be able to do yourself, try it, practice and then perfect it. Whether it’s cooking, dancing, graphic design or fixing cars. Get yo life hunny.

Lastly, make sure you guys follow Belita, her photography Instagram is @biggiesnaps_! She’s actually been getting better and better behind the lense and has just got the kindest heart on this planet (even though she’s cheeky 99.9% of the time). This is definitely my favourite blog shoot ever. Hands down.



Photography: Belita Marfo (Biggie Snaps)

What I wore:
Crop top – Asos
Shirt – Thrifted
Jeans – Thrifted – £3
Boots – ASOS
Bag – Mum

Hello my lovelies, hope everyone is having a fab Monday morning/afternoon/evening, wherever you are in the world. Mondays can be quite poo for most people but I try and embrace it because I know I’ve made it alive into a new week so praise God, hallelurr! #MadeItMonday #MotivationMonday

So I got this print shirt from a vintage sale in Nottingham some months ago and the weather in London was actually decent enough to wear it. It’s been like hot and rainy or just cloudy or really hot and sunny so I’m always confused about what to wear! I love having a oversized shirt over a simple look, I feel like that’s my uniform these days lol. It’s so effortless and can transform a basic outfit to make you look très hip. I DIY’d (is that even a word) my jeans with a knee rip and cut off the hems just because they looked too plain when I bought them and I wanted to jazz them up a bit. And yes they are men’s jeans. Who cares about gender when it comes to looking good? Break the rules hunny, all day everyday. These are the jeans I used to make the choker in my previous post, ha! So resourceful right?! Everyone always asks me how I get the rips to look so good and nicely frayed but there’s actually no special trick to it! You just need to make sure the denim is good quality and make sure you wash the jeans after you cut/slice them. If they are good quality, the fraying will come out fleeky, truss mi daddi.

Guys, I’m in such a fantastic mood because life is so swit right now and I’m on the last week of my internship *swings hips*! I’ve had such an extremely lit summer, even with the rubbish confusing weather. I’ve met so many amazing people and achieved and learned so much! Also, make sure you check out my fashion and personal styling company which relaunched on Saturday! Have a blessed week.



Photography: Belita Marfo (Biggie Snaps)

What I wore:
Top – H&M – £2
Jeans – Thrifted – £1
Kimono – Primark
Trainers – Reebok
Bag – Ebay – free

Back at it again with the inconsistency… Yes guys, I’m sorry once again but life happens init, love you. Anyway, I’m so excited to share this look with you guys after being away for so long. My internship swallows up all my energy so this has been a draft for a likkle while. Can we all take a minute and deep that this cute one shoulder top was only £2 and it wasn’t even thrifted, it’s from a “normal” high street store yaaas! It’s so 90’s and “me”, I nearly bought it in all the colours! Find a H&M store and thank me later, no Drake. I made the choker from the hem of some thrifted jeans and yeah Kim K needs to move because I really made this before her *rolls eyes*. I’m obsessed with thick chokers now and I’ve been making loads from scraps of fabric so a cheeky DIY post may be on the horizon…

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on life a lot and the other day I was thinking about my younger self and I deeped how insecure I was about my body. I had so many little insecurities but it’s like I didn’t really realise how crap I felt about myself until I look back now. I used to do silly things like wear really long tops and jackets to cover my bum (it was huge back then *sigh*), never showed my arms and never stepped outside of my house without makeup on, etc the list goes on. I don’t know if you guys can relate to some of these kind of things but damn, I really didn’t love myself back then. I feel like I’ve come a long way because a few years ago that black kimono would’ve never left my body! It’s only in recent years where I’ve actually started embracing and loving myself inside and out and this shoot was so fun and carefree. I can’t stress how important it is to love yourself and I truly believe it’s only through getting closer to God that I’ve been able to make that shift. We tenk God.

I know it seems like everyone is doing Positive Patty on their blogs and social media these days lol so cringe, but it’s actually needed. Even though the majority of the things these people say are easier said than done, some of it is very encouraging. I read some blog posts and I feel like a new woman, all empowered and with some new found confidence, but that can also easily fade away. I’m not going to sit here and type up top ten tips for becoming carefree because that’s not going to work long term. I believe God is the only one who can transform those feelings into principles you can live by. I’m on a new journey and I’m transforming into a new me, who truly loves herself. It’s great to read things that fill your mind with positive thoughts but don’t let it end there; true joy and healing comes from God and His Word. My blog, my views, that’s all.



Photography: Belita Marfo (Biggie Snaps)

What I wore:
Jumper – Thrifted – £1
Jeans – Levi’s – Thrifted – £1
Trainers – Reebok
Bag – Primark

Hey readers, another style post for y’all. Hope everyone’s enjoyed their Sunday and had a blessed day. This post is literally me in my element; just super chilled and comfy and loving life. I really enjoyed shooting these and this £1 jumper is my number 1 favourite now. The lining is just so soft and I feel like a true 90’s baby with my Reeboks and my hair up etc etc (just a teeny weeny bit gassed). Anyway, I’m thinking of doing a “Sunday Series” because I seem to be buying a lot of formal, “classy” stuff from my local charity shops (weird). Maybe I’m subconsciously getting prepared for my summer internship but yeah I’ve got some cute trousers and shirts so I’ll see what I can put together. It’s not everyday “everyday outfits”, sometimes switch it up lol. My style is forever evolving so keep ya eyes peeled.

Just to let you guys know I’ve got my first exam (of 5) in a few days so this is gonna be my last style post for a couple weeks, crei. But I’ll be doing some encouragement and VOTD (Verse Of The Day) posts for anyone doing exams or going through a hard time. I really miss doing those kind of posts so that should be fun and hopefully they will bless whoever is reading them. Don’t forget to be yourself, enjoy life and remind yourself daily that you’re someone special made for a specific purpose. Inna bit x